Giro Escape MIPS Helmet Review


Key Takeaways:

  • Integrated peak shields face while sleek shape oozes subtle style
  • MIPS tech prevents brain injuries without catching ponytails
  • Front/rear LED lights and weather sealing suit year-round commuting
  • Generous fit adjustments, ponytail port and plush padding provide exceptional comfort
  • Thoughtful touches like reflective elements and durable materials ease daily use
  • Minor quibbles like dated charging or non-removable padding barely detract

Combining sleek aesthetics, vital safety protections and convenience features galore, the Giro Escape MIPS stands out as an exceptional urban bike helmet ready to handle the rigours of daily commuting. Our in-depth review breaks down exactly why this could be the ultimate brain bucket for your commute.

A Helmet Balancing Safety, Function and Distinguished Style

Subtle Shape Belies Safety Smarts

The Escape MIPS couples a rounded shape covering ample forehead with smart contours:

  • An integrated front brim shield’s the face from abrasions without abandoning sophisticated poise
  • Flowing sight lines on the vents complement a soft matte texture and mute colourways
  • Built-in LEDs front and back harmonise with graceful venting for sharp visibility

MIPS Enhances Protection and Comfort

The Giro Escape MIPS incorporates a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System liner minimising harm:

  • Allows exterior shell to shift without transferring force to head
  • More compact design prevents catching ponytails
  • Integrates with vertical/horizontal fit tuners for customised security

By providing critical rotational impact defence without compromising freedom or style points, the integrated MIPS liner augments safety considerably.

Dialled Adjustability and Plentiful Padding Pump Up All-Day Comfort

Adaptable Fit Systems Ensure Precision Feel

To keep heads happy mile after mile, the Escape MIPS implements adaptable retention systems permitting bespoke security. Key characteristics include:

Rear Cradle

  • Ponytail port retains style allowing long locks to pass through
  • Easy-grip wheel adjusts up/down to anchor below your occipital bump
  • Stabilisers transfer force evenly around the skull’s circumference

Webbed Straps

  • No-fuss length customisation gets angles aligned comfortably
  • Lightfoam padding avoids ear chafing and cooling mesh prevents overheating

Plush Liner Pampers Your Dome

Within the outer ABS shell, smartly sparse padding boosts fit and wicks moisture:

  • Strategic pads limit pressure allowing air to circulate
  • Quick-dry textiles maintain composure on sweaty slogs

Riders praise exceptional comfort even on extensive commutes thanks to the customisable safeguards securing the Giro Escape MIPS comfortably atop noggins of all shapes.

Clever Touches Add Function for Daily Commuting

Survival Essentials Include Lighting and Weather Protection

Giro packs the Escape MIPS with integral elements promoting practical daily use:

See and Be Seen

  • Sleek LED strips front and back link to easy-access handlebar buttons
  • 75 lumens forward and 40 back cover visibility needs without bulk

Weather the Storm

  • Sealed vents and ports provide rain protection keeping motivation high
  • Electronic components carry an IP65 water resistance score repelling wet influx

By embedding must-have utilities for year-round commuting directly within the helmet architecture, the Escape MIPS makes safe cycling simpler.

Bonus Features Enhance the Experience

Supplementary flourishes additionally smooth the urban commute:

  • Durable ABS shell withstands daily locker-to-bike bangs
  • Reflective centre strap improves rear presence to passing cars
  • Handy magnetic buckle secures the chinstrap simply
  • Updated micro-USB charging keeps the lights burning

Though small touches, these intentional details demonstrate the Giro Escape was expressly designed for daily commuting duty.

Any Downsides Come Down to Minor Gripes

  • No modern USB-C charging: Micro-USB works fine but lags behind universal standards
  • Fixed rear padding: Comfy but not replaceable

Giro Escape MIPS Helmet: Overall Score

CriteriaScore (Out of 10)
Safety Features9

Score Breakdown:

  • Comfort: Highly praised for its adjustable fit and plush padding, accommodating a variety of head sizes and styles, including a ponytail port.
  • Value: Offers a solid balance of price and quality, though slight deductions for minor areas like charging compatibility.
  • Safety Features: Stands out for its MIPS technology and integrated safety elements, contributing to excellent overall protection.
  • Appearance: The sleek design, matte finish, and integrated LEDs contribute to a stylish look, appealing to most urban cyclists.
  • Overall: Averaging the scores, the Giro Escape MIPS Helmet earns an impressive overall rating of 8.5 out of 10, making it a top choice for urban commuters seeking a blend of safety, comfort, and style.

Giro Escape MIPS: Is it Worth Your Money?

The Giro Escape MIPS Helmet emerges as a formidable contender in the commuter helmet category, skillfully balancing safety, functionality, and style. It excels in providing comprehensive head protection with the innovative MIPS system while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. The helmet’s comfort is noteworthy, thanks to its plush padding, adjustable fit, and features like the ponytail port, making it suitable for diverse riders. Its practicality for daily commuting is enhanced by features like integrated LED lights, weatherproofing, and a durable shell.

However, it’s not without minor imperfections, such as the use of a micro-USB charging port instead of the more contemporary USB-C, and the non-replaceable rear padding. Despite these small drawbacks, the Giro Escape MIPS stands out as an excellent choice for urban cyclists who value a helmet that provides top-tier safety without compromising on comfort or style. It’s more than just a helmet; it’s a reliable companion for the daily urban commute, designed to meet the needs of the modern rider.

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