The Best Brompton Handlebar Grips: Upgrades For Your Bike Bars!


If you love riding a Brompton folding bike, quality grips deserve an upgrade as important contact points. Breathable, grippy handles transfer control securely for weaving through busy intersections or bombing downhill trails. We researched top options to review based on pricing, ergonomics and durability specifically for Brommie owners.

You’ll find tested picks for recent models and older builds alike. Key features like security, cushioning, clamp compatibility and value were evaluated head to head. If you’re sourcing comfy, stylish grips to amplify adventures near and far, read on!

Brompton Grip Reviews

Best Overall: Ergon GP1

For the best all-around Brompton handlebar grips, we recommend Ergon GP1. Their ergonomic shape offers versatile hand positions to combat fatigue over long rides. Noticeably sticky rubber compounds grab gloves securely despite sweating or rain.

Bar end wings provide extra leverage powering up climbs in the saddle. Or flicking the nimble front end through technical sections sans hands. Integrated clamps secure them firmly without twisting, yet allow angle and depth tweaks for dialed comfort.

While pricey, you’ll immediately appreciate Ergon’s thoughtful touches like smooth tapered ends to prevent line snags. Is your beloved Brompton due for a dependable, performance-driven upgrade? Treat your hands to GP1s!

  • Integrated clamp w/ tool adjustment
  • Tacky, grippy rubberCompound
  • Wings for leverage and control
  • Textured for gloves/bare hands
  • Snag-free tapered bar ends

Most Affordable: Prophete Ergo Grips

Bucking costly rubber trends, Prophete’s Ergo 132mm grips deliver impressive quality below £15. They replicate the popular winged end bar style at a bargain price point. Integrated clamps keep them from spinning under furious pedaling or leadout sprints.

Vibration-damping rubber protects delicate nerves across long distances. And the grip feels fast yet controlled thanks to tactile honeycomb texturing under hand. For this impressive value, they let you push harder while sparing energy stores in a tidy, lightweight package. Overall our top budget grip pick!

  • Integrated clamp w/ Allen bolt
  • Generous platform width
  • Honeycomb grip texture
  • 132mm length
  • Excellent value pick

Most Durable: Brooks Cambium Rubber Grips

Seeking ultimate grip longevity on your cherished Brompton? Check out Brooks Cambium models made from natural gum rubber and cotton canvas. They’re made to endure years of palm sweat and conditioning citrus showers. Durable yet tactile tread patterns grab ahold securely mile by mile.

And metal collars allow secure attachment and rotation fine tuning like premium MTB offerings. Style wise their classic dark brown rubber flows nicely with Brompton saddles and leather accents. While pricey, Brooks Cambiums will likely outlast your bike in confident, low-maintenance style!

  • Natural rubber/cotton canvas
  • Classic leatherwork style
  • Grid and leather grip patterns
  • Metal snap-collar attachments
  • Supreme abrasion resistance

Best Compatibility: Brompton Standard Grips

Sometimes keeping it simple works best. Brompton’s own rubber grips designed specifically for their bikes perfectly match its contours. Glued leather ends add both style and security to the simple grip profile. At 130mm length they accommodate all hands and won’t catch cables when folded either.

Minimal diameter accepts brake/shift mods like bar end shifters neatly. And the grippy black rubber compounds shrug off oils, dirt and moisture without degrading quickly. Already match your bike’s spec and colorway too. For friendly function with factory integration, go OEM!

  • Perfectly matched size/proportions
  • Grippy compounded rubber
  • Glued leather sleeves
  • Fits all Brompton models
  • Tapered ends won’t snag cables

How To Upgrade Brompton Grips

Installing new grips amplifies performance as a quick upgrade. But avoid potential headaches by following our advice:

Measure Twice

Brompton’s utilize a larger 30.8mm clamp vs MTB’s 25.4mm size. Verify yours before ordering replacements. also measure grip circumference for ideal comfort matching your hand size.

Shop Clamp Style

Many quality grips include integrated clamps to prevent rotation and slippage. Others rely on old-school hose clamps or glue. Factor your preference into shopping decisions.

Mind Lever Compatibility

Upgraded shifter pods or brake levers may become compatibility issues with certain grip choices. Double check critical component interface specs like clamp diameters before pulling the trigger.

Lock Grips Before Adjustments

When fine tuning new grip angle or slide distance, secure them temporarily first. Nothing’s worse than losing sweat alignment dialing it in! Light torque the clamp so they won’t spin freely but still allow tweaks before cranking it down.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully our curated suggestions help you discover ideal grips to maximize fun and keep hands happy ride after ride. Whenever shopping upgrades, balance functionality, cost, and visual appeal based on your Brommie build’s purpose. Then get out and roll in total comfort!

FAQ About Bar Grips for Your Brompton Bike

Q: What are the best handlebar grips for Brompton bikes?

A: The best handlebar grips for Brompton bikes are the Ergon grips, which provide excellent comfort and support for long rides.

Q: Are bar end grips compatible with Brompton bicycles?

A: Yes, bar end grips can be compatible with Brompton bicycles, but it’s essential to ensure they fit the specific model and handlebar type.

Q: Can I use stock handlebar grips on my Brompton bike?

A: Yes, you can use stock handlebar grips on your Brompton bike, but some riders prefer to upgrade to aftermarket grips for enhanced comfort and performance.

Q: Are there specific handlebar grips recommended for 2017 Brompton models?

A: Yes, there are specific handlebar grips recommended for 2017 Brompton models, such as the Ergon GP2 grips designed to fit the newer models.

Q: What are the advantages of foam handlebar grips for Brompton bikes?

A: Foam handlebar grips for Brompton bikes offer a comfortable, cushioned grip and are lightweight, making them a popular choice for many riders.

Q: Can I install leather handlebar grips on my Brompton bike?

A: Yes, you can install leather handlebar grips on your Brompton bike, but it’s important to ensure they are compatible with the handlebar type and model of your bicycle.

Q: Are the stock grips on Brompton bikes sufficient for long rides?

A: While the stock grips on Brompton bikes are functional, some riders may find them less comfortable for extended rides and may choose to upgrade to alternative grips.

Q: How do handlebar grips impact the ride experience on a Brompton bicycle?

A: Handlebar grips play a significant role in the ride experience on a Brompton bicycle, providing comfort, support, and control during cycling.

Q: What should I consider when selecting handlebar grips for my Brompton bike?

A: When selecting handlebar grips for your Brompton bike, consider factors such as compatibility with your bike model, grip material, size, and level of comfort to ensure a suitable fit for your riding style.

Q: How can I customize the handlebar grips on my Brompton bike to match my preferences?

A: You can customize the handlebar grips on your Brompton bike by choosing from a variety of grip options, including different materials, sizes, and ergonomic designs to match your specific preferences and riding needs.

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