The Best Brompton Accessories Every Rider Should Own! 


Brompton Essentials: Discover the Best Parts and Accessories for Every Brompton Rider

Brompton folding bikes are beloved for their innovative design that enables the bicycles to fold into an incredibly compact size. This makes Bromptons ideal for urban commuters who need to easily store their bikes or take them on public transportation.

Beyond portability, Bromptons offer a smooth, comfortable ride thanks to their suspension system and quality components. While the stock Brompton models meet most riders’ needs, there is a wide selection of Brompton parts and accessories available to further enhance your bike’s functionality, protection, or style.

In this extensive guide, we will cover the 10 best Brompton accessories that every owner should consider installing on their folding bike:

1. Brompton Easy-Wheel Extender

  • Wheels keep folded Brompton from touching ground when wheeling
  • Attaches securely to rear triangle with sturdy aluminium frame
  • Rubber tires protect against debris and cracks
  • Fits all Brompton sizes

The Easy-Wheel Extender is the ultimate accessory for easily rolling your folded Brompton bike while keeping it elevated off the ground. This detachable wheeled base simply and securely mounts onto the rear frame using a clamp system.

Key features:

  • Sturdy aluminium frame with rubberized wheels
  • Keeps folded Brompton 5 inches above ground
  • Smooth-rolling wheels navigate cracks and debris
  • Weighs only 480g for minimal added load
  • Fits all Brompton models and frame sizes

The extender’s rubberized wheels and padded frame protect your Brompton from scratches or damage when navigating uneven city streets or surfaces. No more having your bike scrape the pavement!

The Easy-Wheel Extender makes a folded Brompton handle just like small luggage, enabling effortless mobility. Brompton owners no longer have to struggle carrying 20+ pounds of bike awkwardly or set it on dirty surfaces. This is an essential upgrade for urban living and public transportation usage.

2. Quadlock Phone Mount

  • Holds phones securely on handlebars
  • Adjustable positioning and angle
  • Suits most smartphone models with compatible case
  • Easy installation

The Quadlock Phone Mount allows riders to securely attach their smartphone to the handlebar stem for safe, convenient access on the go. This mount offers adjustable angles and positioning so you can customise visibility.

Key benefits:

  • Universal PHONE compatibility
  • Angle adjusts 90 degrees
  • One-click lock/release
  • Easy installation
  • Made of durable composite

Whether you want to follow GPS navigation, control music playback, or snap photos hands-free, this phone mount makes it possible without safety compromises.

For Brompton riders who need accessible device access during rides, this mount provides the flexible, secure utility required. Just be sure to buy the correct case for your phone.

3. Altura Vortex Waterproof Handlebar Bag

  • Bag straps onto front handlebars
  • Reinforced straps hold securely
  • Frees shoulders from bag weight
  • Installs without tools

This front handlebar bag by Altura lets Brompton riders carry a surprising amount of gear on the front handlebar instead of carrying it on their shoulders. This radically shifts weight distribution for improved comfort.


  • Made of waterproof nylon ripstop material
  • Adjustable roll-top closure
  • Internal volume of 11 litres
  • Does not require front luggage block

Originally designed for gravel biking, the bag is easily mounted and removed, looks great and and very durable. Your belongings will stay dry and protected from the elements while the reflective details and light attachment point will help you to stay visible when the light is low.

For multi-modal commuters who have a lot to carry between cycling, public transit and walking, this carrier frame vastly eases daily mobility. Added bonus? It’s look great.

4. Brompton Leather Carry Handle Strap

  • Allows easier carrying of folded Brompton
  • Reduces hand strain
  • Comfort leather strap
  • Fits all Brompton models

London Craftworks Brompton carry strap transforms transporting your folded Brompton, making it feel far less cumbersome. Simply attached to the frame, the ergonomic strap significantly reduces grip strain and arm fatigue.


  • Simple attachment
  • Anti-slip leather stays in place
  • Great appearance matched Brompton aesthetic
  • Premium durable materials

If you frequently have to carry your unfolded Brompton for extended periods, this strap is a total game changer for preserving arm health and making it feel much easier.

5. Brompton Folding Child Seat

This Brompton child seat is the perfect assistant for family trips, parent-child activities and cycling. Crafter from high-quality aviation aluminium alloy materials, it’s lightweight and easy to carry and attached to the main frame and seatpost of the bicycle to provide safety for children.


  • Secure mounting for children ages 2-6
  • Strong grip handle and footrests
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Fits all Brompton models
  • Compatible with seatbelt

Between the cushioned seat and secure restraint harness, children can relax and enjoy the ride. The footwells give proper leg support as well.

When not in use, the seat conveniently folds away into your carrying bag for storage and transport. For Brompton riders with young family members, this child seat makes it possible to enjoy rides together.

6. Brompton F+ Rear Rack

  • Durable rear luggage rack
  • 10 kg (22 lb) capacity
  • Fits Brompton rear triangle
  • Includes smart wheels for easy transportation

This clever rear rack bolts onto the back triangle to radically expand cargo hauling capabilities for trips to the market, office commute, or touring. With a sturdy platform and four heavy duty wheels, this accessory can handle plenty of weight.


  • 10mm laser cut aluminium plate
  • Wheels support 22 lbs (10kg)
  • Works with most frame bags
  • Lightweight

With the rack installed, Brompton owners can stack shopping bags, a briefcase, or other goods weighing up to 10kg on top for transportation. The four smooth-rolling wheels make fully loaded coasting easy. Hitching a trailer also becomes possible.

The stainless steel fittings and robust platform surface resist corrosion and hazards like kicked up rocks while keeping valuable items safe.

7. Brompton Front Mudguards/Fenders

  • Lightweight but robust fenders
  • Attach to front wheel
  • Protect clothing from road spray
  • Simple installation

Mudguards provide invaluable protection against soggy clothing, splatter stains, and ruined shoes while riding in any weather condition. With simpe installation taking under 5 minutes, the front mudguard attaches securely to block side spray.


  • Cut specifically for Brompton 16” wheels
  • Mudflap prevents directional spray to feet
  • No rattles or buzzing
  • Lightweight

The well-shaped fender moves seamlessly with the wheels and frame without buzzing. These stay vibration-free in windy conditions as well unlike many detachable fenders.

Brompton bikes already withstand urban commuting well, but mudguards make wet rides even more stress-free. The £30 investment repays itself many times over in stain-free clothing you’ll avoid ruining!

8. Brompton Frame/Fork Protection

  • Ultra tough protection that’s invisible on the bike
  • Prevent paint scuffing on move
  • Instant low-cost protection
  • Long-lasting; will not yellow with age. Self-healing when cut

Brompton’s paint finishes and titanium lacquering make their bikes extraordinarily corrosion and scratch-

resistant out of the box. However, some vulnerable areas like the rear frame triangle or fork still risk scuffs, chips, and scratches over time from handling during folds/unfolds or transportation.

This frame protections vinyl stickers shield high friction zones to keep your bike pristine through years of use.


  • Protect top tube, fork, chain stays
  • Colour options match bike finish
  • Resist oils, abrasion, impacts
  • Easy peel and stick application

The ultra low-profile 0.1mm vinyl layers are virtually imperceptible visually yet provide a remarkably durable barrier preventing frame contact damage. Available sheet sets cover the main tube segments at risk.

While an often overlooked add-on, applying frame protection guards early on will maintain your Brompton’s flawless factory condition indefinitely with dramatic payoff long-term.

9 & 10. Apple AirTag Tracker (and Saddle Mount)

  • Attach Apple AirTag to bike
  • Precision tracking via iPhone
  • Alerts if bike moved or stolen
  • Compact and concealed

The Apple AirTag has become a powerful anti-theft tool for protecting valuables like bikes when concealed effectively. Brompton owners can leverage AirTags by discreetly stashing one on their bike.

How it works:

  • AirTag pairs to Apple iPhone
  • Precise tracking within feet
  • Alerts if bike removed unexpectedly
  • Waterproof design

By installing an Apple AirTag with specialised bike mounts like the saddle mount shown above, you can then track your Brompton’s location anywhere in the world. Your smartphone will even proactively notify you if the dormant AirTag suddenly activates from unexpected motion.

AirTag network tracking helps quickly pinpoint stolen bikes before they are dismantled. For just £29, having a connected Apple AirTag taps into the global, crowdsourced “Find My” network to remotely monitor your Brompton 24/7/365.

Essential Protection for Riding Comfort

While the Brompton accessories above focus primarily on convenience and portability, the following options specifically make rides themselves more comfortable in all weather…

Brompton Suspension Block

  • Reduces vibration and shocks
  • Installs between frame & saddle
  • Enables upright posture
  • Easy clamp system installation

This great suspension block inserts between the seat post and frame near the rear hinge to dampen bump impacts. This dramatically smooths the rider experience on uneven city roads.


  • 40% more saddle shock absorption
  • Does not affect fold capability
  • Lightweight
  • Titanium construction

The suspension block really comes into its own when riding over cobblestone streets, tram tracks, and potholes. By giving your saddle +40% more bounce protection, your backside and spine take substantially less abuse.

If you suffer wrist, elbow or shoulder discomfort from excessive riding vibrations as well, the suspension block can prevent long term injury development related to sustained impacts. Well worth the £40 MSRP for keeping your body happier in the long run.

Brompton Ergonomic Grips

  • Reduces hand strain and numbness
  • Offers different hand positions
  • Locks onto handlebar securely
  • End bar included

These Brompton ergonomic grips options transform riding comfort by dampening road vibration to hands along with improving circulation. Offering both ergonomic shape support and cushioning, they greatly improve commute comfort.


  • Improves wrist alignment
  • Absorbs high frequency bumps
  • Promotes blood flow
  • Quick installation

By ensuring proper wrist positioning and a comfortably grip, these ergo grips can relieve hand soreness/fatigue stemming from Brompton’s rigid handlebar setup. This helps avoid potential long term nerve damage or issues like carpal tunnel syndrome triggered by compressed ulnar arteries.

The grips simply slide onto bar ends and lock securely in place. Transforming your rigid metal bars into a moulded extension of your hands makes riding vastly more comfortable while boosting control confidence.

Brompton Ergo Saddle

  • Wider padded unisex saddle
  • Promotes upright posture
  • Lightweight foam padding
  • Durable cover

This ergo saddle provides superior comfort thanks to extra padding and tailored support for upright bike positioning. The unisex design better distributes body weight while relieving channel improves circulation to sensitive areas.


  • 275mm long x 180mm wide
  • Rustproof CrMo rails
  • Weighs only 580g
  • Colours match bike frame

By improving pelvic stability and weight distribution compared to traditional narrow racing saddles, the saddle prevents leg chafing while enabling riding shirtless more comfortably.

The leather cover also maintains its supple support compared to other leather alternatives. For just under £40 the exponential comfort gains make this a valuable upgrade.

Brompton Transport Cover

  • Lightweight waterproof bike cover
  • Folds into handlebar bag
  • Strong hems

This Brompton purpose-designed Transport Cover protects folded bikes from rain, snow, mud and dust during transit inside packed public transport vehicles. Just stash it in the Borough bar bag when not needed.


  • Sturdy 210D ripstop polyester
  • PVC coating resists moisture
  • Measures 54 x 24 x 19 inches

Having a lightweight cover specifically contoured to slip over the compact dimensions of a folded Brompton means you can shield it fully from the elements at a moment’s notice on the go.

Top carry handles also enable lifting bike onto vehicle racks.

For multi-modal urban commuters, the Brompton Transport Cover delivers vital protection from wet weather and dirty storage spaces.

Key Takeaways

Hopefully this comprehensive guide of accessories every Brompton owner should own offers inspiration or problem-solving ideas that could enhance your riding experience.

Here are some key concluding points:

  • Upgrades exist for every type of Brompton rider, whether you’re a commuter, a parent, or a leisure rider.
  • Investing in quality accessories not only enhances your riding comfort but also extends the longevity and functionality of your bike.
  • Many of these accessories are designed specifically for Bromptons, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your bike’s existing features.
  • Whether it’s for security, convenience, comfort, or style, there’s an accessory that can cater to your specific needs and preferences.

In conclusion, Brompton bikes are known for their versatility and compact design, making them a favourite among urban cyclists. However, with the right accessories, you can elevate your Brompton experience to new heights. From practical additions like the Easy-Wheel Extender and Front Carrier Frame to comfort enhancements like the Ergonomic Grips and Swallow Saddle, there’s an array of options to suit every rider’s needs.

Remember, while accessories can significantly improve your ride, the best part of owning a Brompton is the joy and freedom it brings to your daily travels. So, choose the accessories that resonate most with your lifestyle and enjoy the ride.


Q: What are the must-have bike accessories for Brompton owners?

A: Some must-have bike accessories for Brompton owners include handlebar grips, easy wheels, front carrier block, cable fender protectors, Brompton bags, and aluminium alloy wheel extenders.

Q: Can I use any bike stand for my Brompton bicycle?

A: It’s best to use a bike stand that is specifically compatible with Brompton bicycles to ensure a proper fit and stability when parking or storing your bike.

Q: What are the benefits of using a leather frame protector for my Brompton?

A: A leather frame protector not only adds a stylish touch to your bike but also helps protect the frame from scratches and wear, keeping your Brompton looking great for longer.

Q: How can I enhance the storage capacity of my Brompton bike?

A: You can enhance the storage capacity of your Brompton bike by adding a roll-top bag, front carrier block, and wheel extenders, which allow you to carry more items and accessories while riding.

Q: Are there any accessories available to personalise the look of my Brompton bicycle?

A: Yes, you can personalise the look of your Brompton bicycle with various accessories such as handlebar grips, custom front frames, and colourful cable fender protectors to add a unique touch to your bike.

Q: Can I install a GoPro on my Brompton bike for recording rides?

A: Yes, there are specifically designed mounts and accessories available for attaching a GoPro camera to your Brompton, allowing you to capture your rides and adventures from a new perspective.

Q: What are the advantages of using aluminium alloy wheel extenders for Brompton bikes?

A: aluminium alloy wheel extenders provide a more stable and balanced ride, especially when carrying heavy loads on your Brompton bike. They also enhance the overall look of the bike.

Q: Is there a specific handlebar recommended for Brompton owners?

A: Brompton owners can consider upgrading their handlebars to options like the M type or H type, which offer different riding positions and ergonomic grips for added comfort during longer rides.

Q: Can I use a front carrier block on my Brompton bicycle?

A: Yes, the front carrier block is a useful accessory for Brompton bicycles that allows you to attach front bags, luggage, or additional accessories for added convenience while riding.

Q: Are there any official Brompton bag options available for purchase?

A: Yes, official Brompton bags are available, providing high-quality and compatible options designed specifically for Brompton bikes, ensuring a perfect fit and functionality.

What is a Cable Fender Protector and How Does It Benefit My Brompton Folding Bike?

A cable fender protector is an accessory designed to shield the cables on your Brompton folding bike from damage and wear, particularly when the bike is folded. It’s crafted from sturdy materials and fits snugly over the cables, preventing them from being pinched or caught during transit or storage. This simple addition helps in maintaining the integrity of your bike’s cables, ensuring smoother operation and longevity.

Can I Install a Child Seat on My Brompton Bike?

Absolutely! The Brompton child seat is specifically designed for Brompton bikes and can accommodate children aged 2 to 6. The seat is easily foldable when not in use, and it’s crafted to offer a soft and comfortable ride. It attaches securely to the bike without needing additional tools, making it both easy to install and remove.

What Are the Most Significant Advantages of Owning a Brompton Folding Bicycle?

One of the most significant advantages of a Brompton folding bicycle is its compact folded size, making it incredibly convenient for urban living and commuting. The ability to fold your Brompton quickly and easily allows you to carry the bike around, move it through crowded spaces, and store it in tight spots. Moreover, the bike’s design ensures a stable ride, even over bumps in the road.

How Do I Move My Brompton Bike When Folded?

Moving your Brompton bike when folded is made easier with standard roller wheels. These wheels are designed to offer a smooth roll, allowing you to maneuver the bike around effortlessly while it’s folded. Additionally, accessories like the Brompton Easy-Wheel Extender add extra convenience, elevating the bike off the ground and making it as easy to handle as a small piece of luggage.

Are There Accessories Available to Make Carrying My Brompton Easier?

Yes, there are several accessories designed to make carrying your Brompton easier. For instance, a carry strap or a handle made from thick leather can be attached to your bike. These are typically lined with leather in places where they touch the frame, to protect against scratches. These accessories make it easy to take your bike on the go, distributing the weight more comfortably across your body.

Does Brompton Offer Worldwide Shipping for Their Parts and Accessories?

Yes, Brompton offers free worldwide shipping for many of their parts and accessories, making it convenient for bike owners across the globe to enhance their riding experience. This includes major regions like the USA. You can check their website for specific details on shipping policies and availability in your area.

What Options Are Available for Customizing the Front Frame of My Brompton Bike?

The front frame of a Brompton bike can be customized with a variety of accessories. The most popular is the roll-top bag, which attaches to the front frame and offers a capacity of 10kg. Available in two options, these bags are not only functional but also add a stylish touch to your Brompton. They’re great for carrying essentials like a rucksack or additional gear for your ride.

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