The Best Bells for Brompton Bikes – Reviewed


If you ride a Brompton folding bike, having a quality bell is essential. The compact package of these clever bicycles makes for nimble city riding. But you need an alert system to share the road safely amidst traffic and distracted pedestrians.

Sure, you could yell out friendly hellos when passing walkers on your evening cruise or weekend training rides. But nothing beats the classic charm and effectiveness of a bicycle bell. With a simple “ding ding!” you convey your presence, speed, and safe passing distance to busy folks.

Our test Brompton with a brass bell mounted to the handlebars

We tested and curated a list of purpose-built options to amplify your Brompton’s fun factor and function without breaking the bank. Read on for reviews of integrated and universal models with a commanding yet friendly sound.

Reviews of the Best Brompton Bells

Best Overall: ROCKBROS Retro Bell

The Rockbros Retro bell is our top overall choice for Brompton bikes thanks to its affordable price and quality construction. Five classic metallic finishes pair beautifully with the bike’s heritage styling. The 75+ decibel steel bell cuts through urban noise for safe riding.

Stainless steel mounting bands clamp securely onto handlebars from 22-35mm diameter. So it fits nicely no matter your grip or accessory setup. Weighing just 68 grams, its presence makes a big impact without added bulk or weight. Overall, this retro bicycle bell belongs on every Brompton bike without breaking the bank.

  • Five classic finishes
  • 75+ decibel output
  • 68 gram lightweight design
  • Fits 22-35mm diameter bars
  • Cost effective quality

Clever Integration: Brompton H Type Bell

For a bell seamlessly designed into the brake lever body of your Brompton, go for the official H Type model. Already a legend among owners, this clever bell integrates into the bike with no added clutter. Just flip the lever down and squeeze to emit its 75-decibel horn blast.

The build quality matches Brompton’s thoughtful ergonomic engineering. It comes ready to bolt onto stock brake levers or compatible aftermarket ones. Overall it blends perfect style, sound and ingenuity.

  • Weight: 30g
  • Steel and rubber build
  • 75 decibel output
  • Integrated brake lever design
  • Specifically made for Brompton bikes

Best Classic: Spurcycle Brass Bell

The Spurcycle brass bell sets the standard for quality cycle alert systems everywhere. Its 80+ decibel harmonic ring alerts everyone within earshot cleanly and loudly. A light thumb flick activates the pleasant overtones backed by a penetrating fundamental tone.

It fits any 22-35mm handlebar diameter securely thanks to an expanding CNC mount. Position it perfectly within reach of your grip for easy signalling as needed. While pricey, its flawless functionality and durable purity of design make Spurcycle’s beautiful brass bell built to last. That all being said, at £55, it is a HUGE amount of money for a bell.

  • Brass bell and stainless steel striker
  • 80+ decibel output
  • Expanding CNC handlebar mount
  • Compact yet durable build
  • Works on all types of bikes

Loud Yet Minimalist: Knog Oi Bell

The Knog Oi bell pumps out a beefy ring in a tidy steel package. Its anodised exterior looks fantastic perched atop Brompton’s gloss colours or metallic frame finishes. Plus it comes in colours to match or accent your custom build.

Rubber shims cinch it down securely while allowing angle adjustment as needed. Crisp metallic “dings” announce your arrival clearly without being overly sharp. And it manages this loud, attention-grabbing sound level with low mass to minimise impact on nimbly handling bikes like the Brompton.

  • Anodised exterior with colourways
  • High decibel output for size
  • Rubber shim mounting system
  • Lightweight steel build
  • Clear, safe tone

Fun Retro Style: Electra Domed Ringer Bell

This classic dome bell made by Electra Bicycle Co brings vintage cool to modern bikes. Its 1950s mod design and crisp enamelled colours lend oodles of personality with every ring. And the large diameter metal dome pumps out a penetrating ding to match its visual presence.

It fits normal bicycle handlebars and comes with mounting hardware in one tidy package. So you can add charm and safety in minutes as an affordable upgrade over boring stock bells. Overall the Electra dome bell rings style, safety and value in a simple yet effective design bound to draw smiles.

  • Era-inspired mod flair
  • 5cm diameter brass dome
  • Easy universal mounting
  • Fun standout visuals
  • Commands attention

Crisp & Clear Tone: PRO BIKE TOOL Handlebar Bell

For a no-frills bell with robust signalling power, turn to Pro Bike Tool’s handlebar model. It pumps out 79 ear-catching decibels reliably in a svelte form. High quality brass with a precise striker simply works Its narrow profile allows positioning in crowded handlebar real estate.

The machined alloy CNC mount adjusts for secure fitment on any standard 22-32mm road or mountain bike. It comes with extra O-rings for further mounting flexibility too. Overall this durable bell delivers a commanding bike-to-pedestrian voice at a reasonable price point.

  • 79db output
  • Brass bell with steel striker
  • Robust CNC handlebar mount
  • Compact form factor
  • Cost-effective durability


Our standout picks amplify your Brompton bike’s fun and function easily. Now you can traverse crowded urban zones or dusty canal paths safely while adding personality. Just remember to limit bell usage unless signalling your presence to others nearby. 


Q: What are the best bells for Brompton bikes?

A: The Spurcycle bell and the Crane bell are highly recommended for Brompton bikes due to their powerful sound and integrated design.

Q: How do Spurcycle and Crane bells compare?

A: The Spurcycle bell produces a clear and enduring ding, while the Crane bell offers a louder and deeper tone.

Q: Can I remove the integrated bell from my Brompton bike?

A: Yes, the integrated bell can be removed if you prefer to replace it with another bell of your choice.

Q: Are these bells expensive?

A: The Spurcycle and Crane bells may seem expensive, but they are a worthwhile investment for everyday use, including during races and on city streets.

Q: Do these bells come in different colours?

A: Yes, both the Spurcycle and Crane bells are available in a variety of colours to match your bike or personal preference.

Q: What is the shipping policy for these bells?

A: The shipping policy varies depending on the seller, but most items may be shipped worldwide, including to Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Q: Which bell is more powerful?

A: The Crane bell is known for its powerful ding, making it suitable for areas with heavy traffic or when making a statement on the road.

Q: Can I use these bells with any type of saddle or tube?

A: Yes, these bells are designed to fit various saddle and tube sizes, making them compatible with different Brompton bike configurations.

Q: What is the volume of these bells?

A: Both the Spurcycle and Crane bells have a volume that can be adjusted to your preference, providing a clear and audible sound.

Q: Are there any maintenance tips for these bells?

A: It’s advised to periodically check and grease the hammer mechanism to ensure the bell continues to function smoothly.

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